Our Journey

2002 Uterine Fibroid Surgery #1

2003 1st consult with an RE, you know, just in case

2003 Got Married (at 37 (me) & 34 (DH) years old)

2003/2004 Naturally conceived pregnancies BFPs #1, #2, & #3 and miscarriages #1, #2, #3

2005 Uterine Fibroid Surgery #2

2005 IVF #1, BFN #1

2005 IUIs #1 and #2, just because, BFN #2 & #3

2005 FET from IVF #1, BFN #4

2006 Exploratory surgery to remove scar tissue from fibroid sugery #2

2006 IVF #2 (w PGD), BFP #4

2006 Emergency cerclage for IC @ 16w6d (5 months + 1 week of complete bed rest at home ensues)

2007 Our son is born @ 38w by scheduled c-section

2007 IVF #3 for baby #2, BFN #5

2007 IVF #4, BFP #5, miscarriage #4

2008 IVF #5, BFP #6, miscarriage #5

2008 IVF #6, BFP #7, miscarriage #6

2008 DE IVF #7, BFN #6

2009 DEFET #8, cancelled, embryos don't thaw

2010 Decide to adopt domestically

12.17.10 Profile is live with our agency

November 2011 Consult with RE re: donated embryo cycle

Early January 2012 Cleared to proceed with deFET

January 2012 Freeze our profile

1.20.12 deFET begins
2.12.12 eSET of one compacted morula
2.22.12 BFN

3.23.12 deFET #2 begins
4.14.12 transfer 3 embryos (1-8 cell, 1-5 cell, 1-4 cell)
4.22.12 + HPT
4.24.12 Beta #1 = 48.4
4.26.12 Beta #2 = 125.7
4.30.12 Beta #3 = 777.8
5.11.12 1st U/S - Singleton!
7.12.12 It's a Boy!
12.26.12 C-section: Baby G is born, 9#5oz, 20.5"



I need a hug

I am feeling particularly emotionally wrung out for a number of reasons. My battery needs to be recharged. And it occurred to me that what’s partially to blame is that I haven’t seen any of my friends socially in some time.

My friends are my surrogate family. They love me, warts and all, unconditionally. The […]

Where things stand

For a relatively new stay at home mom, I have a lot going on. So much so that I comment that I don’t know how I’d get any of it done if I had a full time job. I know that water seeks its level, so it stands to reason that I’ve filled my available […]

Weight loss update

Sometime around Halloween last year I vowed to work at losing this weight (50 lbs) that I’ve gained over the last decade from the stress and rigors of multiple infertility treatments, several pregnancies and miscarriages, one successful pregnancy that resulted in 5 months of bed rest, and general overeating.

I started by walking but […]


In my quest to finally lose the weight it’s taken me a decade to put on, I’ve made a number of significant adjustments to my lifestyle. They are significant not just because of what they are, but because it’s been a month that most of them have been incorporated into my life. In an effort […]

A weighty issue

I went on my first diet when I was 14. I was a chunky kid. It was my mom’s fault, the diet. I was going to be Confirmed and she promised me a new dress if I lost a few pounds. And, to help me out, she bought me my first gym membership. For the […]